Our flexible registration plan allows lets you choose the number of classes your player will attend.

Fundamentals Class 

Future Star Baseball is offering a class to teach the fundamentals of baseball each Monday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:30 pm at the Future Star Baseball batting cages.

This class touches on all aspects of the sport, combining fun games with specific instruction. All levels of ability are welcome. Recommended for little league baseball players from ages 6 to 9. The class is not sequential --- your player can start any week! 

Class activities will include: Stretching/plyometrics, fundamentals of throwing & catching, glove drills, individual defense (infield & outfield), team defense (throwing to the right base, etc.) base running, principles of hitting (stance and swing). We will use pitching machines, tees and play lots of games for situational practice. 

​Program registration fee:

  Drop in $ 30.00
  5-Session package $ 125.00

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Baseball Skills 

Individual skills are emphasized in our Tuesday after school clinic. This program will focus on hitting, fielding, throwing and pitching.  The class is the next step from the fundamentals class and is a great way to get repetitions in each week on the basic skills.   Recommended for ages 9 and above.  Tuesdays 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm at the FSB batting cages.  

Activities include:

    Hitting ......... Off kid pitchers, pitching machines and adults
    Fielding ....... Ground balls and other glove drills
    Throwing ..... Guided drills to work on accuracy and power
    Pitching .....  Proper mechanics to prevent injury 

Program registration fee:

    Drop in                        $  30.00
    5-Session Package     $125.00

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After School Sports Program 

Class Held Rain or Shine!!

Class is Held Rain or Shine!