"After attending your Hitting Camp, our son makes contact on every at-bat and most of the time puts the ball in play.  He is now very excited when it comes to his turn at the plate. And has moved up several positions in the batting order."

- Stan B., Oakland
2021 Summer Camps

Coach Ben and his staff have changed the format of camp in oder to follow Covid protocols and have camp at the FSB batting cages in the Oakland hills.  Players are rewarded for giving positive reinforcement to each other in both competitive and non-competitive games and drills. A team atmosphere is maintained at all times.

We have added a small play field above the 
Cages so now we can do basically all normal 
FSB Camp activities, except a kid pitch baseball 
game.  There are many new activities including 
mini game tournaments and payers will get tons of batting practice as well as the opportunity to hit and pitch against other players in one of our 3 70 foot tunnels.

  2021 Camp Schedule


June 1-4    ............
June 7-11  ............
June 14-18 ...........
June 21-25............
June 28- Jul 2........
July 12-16 ............
July 19-23 ............
July 26- 30............
Aug 2-6  ...............
Aug 9-13.............

(9am-3:30pm) .... 
(9am-3:30pm) ....
(9am-3:30pm) .... 
(9am-3:30pm) .... 
(9am-3:30pm) .... 
(9am-3:30pm) ..... 
(9am-3:30pm) .....
(9am-3:30pm) ..... 
(9am-3:30pm) .....
(9am-3:30pm) ...... 

Baseball Camp
Baseball Camp
Baseball Camp
Baseball Camp
Baseball Camp
Baseball Camp
Baseball Camp
Baseball Camp
Baseball Camp
Baseball Camp 

​                                 BASEBALL CAMP

This summer Future Star Baseball is blending all 4 of its fantastic camps into one. It’s been difficult and frustrating trying the get a field for the summer and we can’t wait any longer to start registration. We’ve added a small play field above the cages so we will be able to take more kids at the cages as well as be able to keep pretty much all of the normal baseball camp activities this summer.

Although we won’t be able to play a kid pitch game the cages are a much better venue for working on hitting (3 70 foot tunnels along with a mini cage). Cages can be divided many different ways to create a huge number of hitting and drill stations. With the cages we will also be able to have a number of kids hitting and pitching to each other as well as catchers working on their skills.  The best form of training is against other kids.  With so many cages the players will get more opportunities to hit and pitch off other children than they would get at a full field camp.

Camp activities will include many fun games and competitions the players love, developed at over 10 plus years of camp: 

Rock Ball, Tennis Ball Fence Game, Olympics, mini games and mini game tournaments. Home run derby. Hot Box, Box Game, Fly ball elimination, target practice and many more.
We will also have normal drills and focused instruction to improve all skills:

Fielding:      Lots of grounders and fly balls, instruction on the proper form with lots of                        repetition.

Throwing;   Proper throwing techniques with instruction on different  
                     types of throws: infield/catcher/outfield/pitching

Hitting-       Tons of reps in the cages, hitting off kids, machines, adults pitching as well                     as T work and many other hitting groups and stations. 
                                 Refund Policy

As many of you know last year Future Star Baseball offered full refunds, unlike many other camps.  Although it was very hard we felt it was the right thing to do.  This year the refund policy will be slightly different.

If we have to cancel camp due to a Covid surge (hopefully unlikely with all the vaccinations) you will get a full refund, minus the processing fee. We have never charged processing fee for registration before.  Last summer we didn’t just loose all the camp revenue that was missed. We also had to pay the processing fees imbedded in the cost for camp when the refunds were issued.

The processing fee that the reservation system charges will be added to the cost of camp at checkout.

You may cancel a camp registration up to two weeks before camp for a refund of the camp payment, but not the processing fee.

If California moves back into the purple tier and we have to cut the number of players at camp we will cut the last players to register in each group.  This is just worst case.  

                                         Covid Protocols

We are designing camp based on current day camp rules. Rules and group sizes could change based on new regualtions. FSB has been running it’s travel teams since last summer and are very committed and experienced with executing Covid protocols. 

We will have 3 cohorts players that don’t mix.  

Each Cohort will have two or more coaches that move with players through all activities.

Players will receive a temperature check in the morning.  

Players are required to bring hand sanitizer as they will need to hand sanitize often.  

Players will also need to bring their own water and lunches. There is no sharing of food or drinks.  

Pick off and drop off will be in different areas based on Cohorts.

Non vaccinated players will wear masks at all times except eating and drinking, or if they can’t wear it with a catchers helmet. 

While playing baseball 3 feet of social distance will not be maintained at all times.   While waiting in line for a turn or during a group talk, 3 feet will be maintained.   

      Ages 5-14
Weeks of 6/7, 6/21,6/28,7/12,7/19,7/26,8/2  Full- accepting waitlist